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Meal Drink

Some of our restaurant we have been to introduce the menu.
Food might be different depending on the season and weather sorry.


World brand originated Yamagata

"We'd like to stick to the something delicious!"

You can enjoy the dressing of Saison factory.
Please try, so we have used for some dishes, such as salads.
※ Please ask only feel free to, so we have also sold the dressing at our restaurant.

Restaurant information

Hours: 11:00 to 19:00 / Last Order 18:45

teatime: 14:30 to 15:30

Floor: 2F

Restaurant of guidance such as: +81-237-47-3260

Guidance of accommodation

This restaurant has operated there in Yamagata Prefecture Kaminoyama Hayama "MEIGETSUSO"
We offer spacious time of four seasons. All means to Onsen-Ryokan(hot-spa hotel), please come.


Reservations: +81-120-72-0330 / +81-23-672-0330

9993242 5-50,Hayama,Kaminoyama-city,
Yamagata Prefecture,Japan


URL http://www.meigetsuso.co.jp

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