How to spend time

You can find excitement in our airport! What do you want to?

Enjoy! Case1 Enjoy eating!

Welcome to Yamagata airport.

You can have a chance to enjoy a special time and great dishes in the Japanese restaurant "欅 Keyaki" with reasonable prices.Our restaurant is produced by Meigetsu-so, a traditional Japanese-style hotel, in Kaminoyama city, Yamagata prefecture.Kaminoyama city is famous for hot springs and its ability of refreshment.
You would be fully satisfied with our OMOTENASHI and accomplished services.
We would serve you with feeling the proud and responsibilities of the door to Yamagata and Yamagata food.

We' d like to support your comfortable air trips.


Enjoy! Case2 Enjoy shopping!

We have a hand picked selection of local souvenirs.
There are delicacies which are unique to Yamagata, such as Dadacha-mame (local Yamagata beans) and cherries.
They are sure to delight your family, friends or colleagues.
You are sure to find a special souvenir!


Enjoy! Case3 Enjoy working!

For businesspeople, e-mail and internet connection is now essential.
In order for you to make the most of free time at the airport, we provide wi-fi amongst other services.
It's a great working environment for anyone who uses the airport for business.


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