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Here we'd like to introduce our souvenir store in 2nd floor.


There are so many unique local products from Yamagata.If you missed buying souvenirs during your stay, it is not a problem. You can find plenty of fantastic products in our airport.

Smotchi Never experienced food texture! Soft and dense “addictive taste”.

This smoked egg is made from half boiled fresh egg and seasoned with "Isoshio” gourmet mineral salt.
A special smoking machine locks the flavour of Sakura wood chips (special chips made from cherry wood) deep into the egg's yolk.

Petit Jelly Cherry

They carefully remove the seeds from cherries raised in local fruit gardens and tenderly preserve them. It's like a jewel covered by jelly.
When the frozen jelly melts, the colours change. Enjoy them as soft as you like.

2F Open 8:00-19:20
TEL 0237-47-2111


Long-estaclished store running for over 340 years. You can find original products from Yamagata and Shonai, like

Kiyokawa-ya have been dealing special local products for 350 years. With its inherited hospitality, they have been delivering beautiful climate from Yamagata, The lineup is carefully selected in the viewpoint of regionally, originality and palatability oriented, from all over Yamagata and Shonai.

Dadakko, dadappai Famous local snack made from Dadacha-mame

This is a famous local snack made from "Dadacha-mame", indigenous beans from Yamagata.
Local farmers spend time and effort to raise beans without preservatives or colourants. They are good for even small children.
We recommend this as the best souvenir to sample local harmony and hospitality.

White Paris Roll (White roll cake) Soft, gummy, melting and milky.

This roll cake is made completely from 100% Yamagata fresh milk.
Milky fresh cream is rolled in white sponge, which is made without egg yolk.
The sponge is soft and sweet, and the fresh cream is rich and melts in your mouth.
This once ranked 1st place in a online gourmet food ranking.

Open 8:00-19:00
Floor 2F
TEL 0237-47-1132
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